Friday, October 24, 2008

Back again!

Things are pretty good! We had thought that we would stop at one baby after all the trouble we had getting her, but around her first bithday we decided to look into trying for another baby! So we are back in the system! We are holding off on the clomid for a bit since our daughter has been unwell and we are still getting to the bottom of that, she needs all our attention right now, but we are hoping to start the clomid again in March, so here we go again! Whilst having a load of blood test I found out that I Factor V Leiden, which puts me at higher risk of miscarriage, so now I finally have an answer! So when I do get pregnant again I will need progesterone and clexane to try to thin my blood a little to reduce the risk of miscarriage. I have started back on the Metformin again I am on 1g twice a day, it is helping me lose a bit of weight mostly because I feel too sick to eat much! Last time I was on Metformin it gave me awful diarrhoea this time it seems to be making me feel really sick instead, the first day I took it I was actually sick, strange stuff!! I think it is doing some good though or I would not be taking it!

Would love to hear from anyone in the same situation or any of the people who used to respond to my post to know what they are up to, I do not have so much time to blogg these days but I do still think about you all. x


Anonymous Kabmom said...

The factor V leiden Deficiency can be pretty serious I think. My aunt and grandfather both had it and suffered horrible. I just wanted to have you keep that in mind. I don't know if you remeber me but I used to talk to you often. My children are now 3 1/2 and 2! My how time has flown. I don't do metformin anymore although I probably should for my blood sugar. Money is tight over here in the US. And healthcare is no good. We do intend to have another baby but we're waiting until our baby starts pre-school. We're young and have time. This way maybe money will be better. I'm very happy for you though! Wether the condition is severe or not it's good to know what the problem is. I'm happy you've decided to have another good luck and I'll check back often although I no longer blog myself.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am happy to see you blogging again. We have had a long road through PCOS as well. We are pregnant now, YES! And through it all, I found a lot of support through your blog. Good luck with your health. I too had a very hard time with metformin. So I'm there with you!!

11:55 PM  
Blogger Harper Rain said...

It is great to see you back on again. I hope your little M. starts to feel better soon. I am great and aside from a little eczema little Eli is too. Take care and good luck.

2:59 AM  
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