Friday, December 21, 2007

Still here.

My little girl is now even bigger, crawling and has teeth! I am in the process of stopping breast feeding her after a few months struggle! She has never taken a bottle, so had to get her to take a cup, for some reason she would drink water from a cup and every now and again formula milk but still wanted breast milk. I have changed the formula milk for about the third time and she seems to like it, the key to it all was the cups she has her milk in. When she has water she drinks from a free flow cup, but for her milk she has a fat spouted cup with a valve on so she has to suck to get it out. Now I can look forward to not having to prize her teeth off me! It is a little sad giving up the breast feeding but at the same time it is giving me more confidence to feel like I can go out and know she will be alright and not get really hungry. So far I have only left her to go to the dentist a couple of times, but in April I go back to work and she will need to start nursery:(

I hope that other people have some happy news to share, please let us know. x


Blogger Ladiebug said...

No new here. My neice was the same way when my sister weened her. She would not drink from a bottle at all. She went straight to sippy. Plus she will only drink water from a playtex sippy and her breast milk (she still pumped) was from a advent sippy. Of course she switched to formula when her flow went down and now she is on milk.

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