Friday, November 28, 2008

Very odd!

Hi everyone, something really odd happened and I am not sure what is happening. I took two positive pregnancy tests on Tuesday, so saw the Doctor and started on clexane and progesterone, then on Thursday did a negative test and today another negative! It is very odd now I am not sure if I was pregnant in the first place or what is happening. Odd!

Friday, November 21, 2008


Very stressed!! Our daughter has been ill on and off for ages, she is on loads of medication for recurrent chest infections (pseudomonas) and aspiration. She is waiting for some more tests and to start some more treatment but for now we go through cycles of her needing more antibiotics on top her long term ones and her feeling like crap. We keep waiting and are feeling like we are not getting very far at the moment. Hopefully the nebulisers she is due to start next week will improve things and she is waiting for a test to see if she has a leak from her oesophagus to her trachea that is leaking food and drink into her lungs, if that is the problem it is easily fixed and would explain why she keeps getting chest infections. When she is well she is very happy and bouncy, when she is ill she crys at everything and is very clingy, it is tiring for all of us.

I have had to abandon taking 1g Metformin twice a day and am only taking 500mg, I tried several times to increase it but it just made me feel really sick and grotty. I have an appointment with the consultant at the beginining of December, we are planning to start the clomid in March providing our daughter is well.

Good to hear from everyone who left comments on my last post. x

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back again!

Things are pretty good! We had thought that we would stop at one baby after all the trouble we had getting her, but around her first bithday we decided to look into trying for another baby! So we are back in the system! We are holding off on the clomid for a bit since our daughter has been unwell and we are still getting to the bottom of that, she needs all our attention right now, but we are hoping to start the clomid again in March, so here we go again! Whilst having a load of blood test I found out that I Factor V Leiden, which puts me at higher risk of miscarriage, so now I finally have an answer! So when I do get pregnant again I will need progesterone and clexane to try to thin my blood a little to reduce the risk of miscarriage. I have started back on the Metformin again I am on 1g twice a day, it is helping me lose a bit of weight mostly because I feel too sick to eat much! Last time I was on Metformin it gave me awful diarrhoea this time it seems to be making me feel really sick instead, the first day I took it I was actually sick, strange stuff!! I think it is doing some good though or I would not be taking it!

Would love to hear from anyone in the same situation or any of the people who used to respond to my post to know what they are up to, I do not have so much time to blogg these days but I do still think about you all. x

Friday, December 21, 2007

Still here.

My little girl is now even bigger, crawling and has teeth! I am in the process of stopping breast feeding her after a few months struggle! She has never taken a bottle, so had to get her to take a cup, for some reason she would drink water from a cup and every now and again formula milk but still wanted breast milk. I have changed the formula milk for about the third time and she seems to like it, the key to it all was the cups she has her milk in. When she has water she drinks from a free flow cup, but for her milk she has a fat spouted cup with a valve on so she has to suck to get it out. Now I can look forward to not having to prize her teeth off me! It is a little sad giving up the breast feeding but at the same time it is giving me more confidence to feel like I can go out and know she will be alright and not get really hungry. So far I have only left her to go to the dentist a couple of times, but in April I go back to work and she will need to start nursery:(

I hope that other people have some happy news to share, please let us know. x

Monday, October 22, 2007

My baby is not a baby anymore!!

My daughter is growing fast, she is nearly 7 months now. She had 2 teeth, smiles, laughs and is just lovely. I do not really think of her as a baby anymore, now she has her own character.

She can roll very well now and is into everything. I do not think it will be long before she can crawl. I am still breast feeding her a bit although I think it is more for comfort then anything else, also handy if we are out and she needs food or drink and I have neither with us!! She eats very well, better then my husband and I!!

She is well worth the wait and the struggle, but there is a tinge of guilt associated with enjoying her, for the little boy I lost. When she is big enough I will tell her about her big brother and I hope that he will be her angel keeping her safe.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello all

Hi, things are good. We are moving to a new house soon so our baby can have her own room. She is growing fast, she is 21 weeks now and is very strong and funny! She has a jumping thing she can bounce in and she loves it, there are lots of smiles for everyone!

Baby groups can be odd, it is a bit strange really. People talking about their next baby. I am not sure we will have another baby. It is not like it was easy to get where we are now. 5 pregnancy's, 4 miscarriages, fertility treatment. We have had years of unhappiness, now our baby is here we just want to enjoy her and not go through any more unhappiness. I said I would not give up until we had a baby and now we have her, its time to be happy!

Monday, April 16, 2007

My baby arrived!

My beautiful baby girl was born on 2nd April, the first part of the labour was quite quick and sudden (10 days early!) then the getting her out bit was not so good. After 2 hours of pushing I had an assisted delivery which is quite frightening and barbaric! But all was well once she was out and healthy. I managed the whole thing on a couple of paracetamol and lots of gas and air! She is the most beautiful and precious thing in the whole world. Really well behaved to! She is sleeping through most nights having only woken twice. She is breast feeding well and out grew newborn clothes after about a week because her legs suddenly grew long! She is too small for the 0-3 month clothes so looks a bit like a sack of spuds in them! But gorgeous!